pixolo – Who – How - Where?

pixolo consists of two company divisions.
Our pixolo brand is aimed at creative individuals who want to get the very best out of their photos.
pixolo PROFESSIONAL is designed to accommodate our B2B partners’ requirements whereby we offer professional solutions for commercial use.

Our pixolo app has already brought smiles to the faces of millions of people who have received beautiful, personalised photo products from our app. Each year, millions of people also get their biometric images for identity documents and instant photos from us when they use one of more than 2,000 systems available in retail stores.

We are a software and system development company which has recently expanded due to a corporate takeover. We are real professionals, visionaries and freethinkers – characters where ‘nerdy’ and ‘social’ come together and whose expertise flows amongst them.

Interested in a great job with a super team?

pixolo works as a team. A team of real experts in all areas and people who are passionate about what they do. Everyone is quickly given responsibilities here and can bring their own ideas to the table. We focus on team spirit and are more about high fives than using elbows.
Join our team! We are always looking for good people who are prepared to give 100%. No position advertised for you yet? Then send us a prospective application! New opportunities are always coming around!

Contact for applicants:
Nicole Leus
Telefon: 069/ 380 2990-24
Email: nicole.leus@pixolo.com

Our current job vacancies: